11 year old me was pissed at this revelation

A hundred-thousand years will pass and I will never get over the genius of this scene!


Otto, miniature schnauzer, at 8 weeks old



*tries to talk*

*gets ignored*

“you should talk more!”


my favorite business ladies

refia is so important tho

my children

ff3 is great even though i am terrible at it bc it has that old NES “if u dont grind ur fucked” thing ahaha.

man tbh, the only grind in FF3 i remember being especially killer is right before the last boss, which I’m pretty sure I was stuck on for months

…but I was young and bad, and here I am storming towards the fire crystal at breakneck speed

Hey guys, FFXIV is starting up a free trial program for people who haven’t already got an account.

So if you haven’t played before and wanna give it a shot but don’t like the idea of needing to buy a game that you also need to pay monthly for here’s your chance to give it a shot!

It’s only up to level 20, but that’s plenty of time to get a decent taster for the game, covering your starting city-state specific intro plot and the first 4 dungeons (I think level 20 covers the battle with Ifrit as well???)

If you’re interested, I’m on Odin and always willing to help people out so you can give me a shout!